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3.b          What istheJoint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB)?

JCMB was established in accordance with an agreement between the Afghan Government and the international community for overall strategic coordination on implementation of the Afghanistan Compact endorsed at the London Conference in 2006.  JCMB provides a platform for strategic coordination, joint policy formulation and problem solving in Afghanistan. It ensures the mutual accountability of the government and its development partners. It is co-chaired by Senior Minister (Head of the Government Coordinating Committee (GCC) from GoIRA and the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) in UNAMA, and is held at the senior level between government and its development partners. 

The GoIRA approved the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) in April 2008, which was supported by donors at the Paris Donor Conference in June 2008. One of the most important conclusions from this conference was to support Government’s efforts to increase ownership in implementing the ANDS. With respect to this, the Government and its development partners agreed to reorganize its coordination mechanism. Previously, this coordination structure was based on the Consultative Groups (CGs, WGs) and it proved to be effective in supporting the ANDS preparation. However, the Government and donors decided to reorganize it to allow for greater Government ownership in implementing the ANDS. In line with this, the revised coordination structure is based on:

a) periodical JCMB meetings;

b) three standing committees and

c) a High Level Committee on Aid Effectiveness.

The organisational structure can seen below:


Govt. Coordination


Inter Ministerial


Standing Committee on

Social & Economic


Standing Committee on


Standing Committee on

Good Governance, Rule of Law

& Human Rights

High Level Committee on Aid Effectiveness

High Level Committee on

Aid effectiveness

Ad hoc Forums for Donor Coordination by Sector