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1.  Budget Calendar  Deadline
1.1 Finalization of Budget Calendar with the consultation of Budget Committee. 21 Feb
1.2 Ministry of Finance (MoF) issues approved budget calendar to Budgetary Units (BUs), Cabinet and donors. 5 March
1.3 MoF communicates to civil society the new fiscal year and budget preparation in transitional             year -by organizing workshop for CSO and Media. 10 April
2.  New Priorities and Alignment with NPPs  
2.1 MoF constructs a macroeconomic framework and prepares MTFF aggregates, as a hard fiscal constraint in the beginning of year. 5 March
2.2 MoF issues short versions of BC1 instructions with new priority spending forms to BUs 5 March
2.3 MoF calculates baseline spending of BUs (in consultations with BU’s) 25 Feb – 19 Mar
2.4 MoF and MoEc works with BUs to set new priority spending proposals based on their NPPs, provincial proposals and within aggregate fiscal constraint. 10 Mar – 29Mar
2.5 Provincial pilot Ministries finalize their provincial new priority spending with MoEC agreement  10 April
3. Medium-Term Budget Framework (Pre-Budget Document)  
3.1 MoF conducts assessment of new priority spending proposals based on the funds availability and ensures alignment with NPPs; submits to Budget Committee for review. 17 March - 1 April
3.2 Budget Committee approves new priority spending proposals. 8 April
3.3 MoF submits new government priority spending to donors. Donors provide tentative commitments (for ongoing projects and new priority proposals). 10 April - 10 May
3.4 MoF prepares MTBF (Pre‐budget report), containing MTFF & budget ceilings. 16 April - 2 June
3.5 MoF submits MTBF to Cabinet for approval 5 June
3.6 Cabinet approves MTBF containing budget ceilings and new initiatives; MTBF is published online. 11 June
4. Budget Circular No. 2  
4.1 MoF issues BC2, containing budget ceilings, costing instructions and project development templates. 18  June
4.2 MoF organizes workshop to explain BC2 budget submission requirements to BUs. 23 - 25 June
4.3 MoF communicates to civil society the MTBF and the start of BC2 process. 26 June
4.4 Provincial budget pilot ministries issue BC2 submission request to their provinces and organise workshop with provincial departments. 30  June - 31 July
4.5 MoF facilitates funding commitments and proper formulation of BC2 submissions between donors and BUs . 1 -15 July
4.6 MoF sector managers and MoEC assist BUs with preparation of BC2 submissions;  MoEc assesses adequacy of project feasibility plans and costing. 26 Jun-1 Aug
4.7 Deadline for BUs for BC2 budget submissions to MoF. 1 August
4.8 MoF holds Core Donor Consultations (CDC) with donors and BUs to confirm funding commitments for Budget. 8 -15 Aug
5. Budget Hearings  
5.1 MoF reviews budget submissions. Failure to submit in accordance with budget ceilings will result in budgets being either cut or held at most recent fiscal year levels. 1-18 Aug
5.2 Presentation of BC2 submissions summary to Budget Committee. 25 August
5.3 Budget hearings, focusing on allocations by programmes. MoEc provides sign off on the technical and costing elements of projects. Projects will be approved only where adequate preparation and costing has taken place. 26 Aug- 16 Sep
5.4 BUs revise programme budgeting submissions with MoF in accordance with budget hearing decisions. 16-22 Sept
6. Budget Document, Statement & Financial Plans  
6.1 MoF submits Annual Budget  Document to Budget Committee 29 Sept
6.2 MoF revises 1392 Budget Document 29 Sept - 15 Oct
6.3 Submission of Annual Budget  Document to Cabinet 15  Oct
6.4 In Case of Changes made by Cabinet, MoF finalize Budget Document 31  Oct
6.5 Submission of 1392 Budget Document to Parliament 6  Nov
6.6 Submission of 1392 Budget Statement to Parliament 20  Nov
6.7 BUs prepare Financial Plans 20  Nov. - 15 Dec.
6.8 MoF reviews and  approves the  Financial Plans 15-20 Dec
6.9 MoF prepares Citizen’s Budget 22 Dec. - 1 Jan.