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Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world and much of its poverty is situated in rural areas.  About 85% of the population depends on agriculture and associated forms of rural production.  Hence, the strategic objective for agriculture and rural development is to attract private sector investment to transform agriculture into a high-value commercial agriculture sector as a source of growth and expansive means of livelihood.  Farmers are encouraged to cultivate licit agriculture products rather than cultivate poppy.  Agriculture and rural development are central to the future of Afghanistan, providing the means to accomplish the goals of sustainable growth, poverty reduction and improved food security. The long term vision of Agriculture and Rural Development sector is to ensure the social, economic and political well-being of rural communities, especially poor and vulnerable people, whilst stimulating the integration of rural communities within the national economy.

The Sector ensures these policies and priorities are adequately funded within the allocated fiscal ceiling, and the allocated funds are executed according to the public finance management laws and regulations. 

The ARD Sector is responsible for the following line ministries/budgetary units:

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL), Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD) and Ministry of Counter Narcotics