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The oversight mechanism for confidential procurement

Oversight Mechanism on Funds for Operational Intelligence gathering to Security Agencies – Afghanistan

Through discretionary resources, the government of Afghanistan provides funds to security agencies for secret operational purposes for the safety of citizens mitigate unforeseen security risks and at large; help ensure state (Afghanistan) and citizen’s interests through secretive operations.

Security agencies, however, are institutions within a democratic form of government, responsible not only to the President, but to the Parliament and, ultimately, to the people themselves. In order to address this concern, the government of Afghanistan has established an oversight mechanism that helps ensures the interests of citizens while keeping security agencies accountable.

Through this oversight mechanism, the government of Afghanistan will ensure the accountability aspects of managing the operational intelligence funds and its purpose of use;

  1. Agencies are required to report on quarterly basis to the National Security Council about the usage of operational funds and to the Ministry of Finance on budgetary terms.
  2. Annual audit of the expenditures of the security agencies including confidential procurement by the Auditor General Office of the Afghan government.
  3. All security agencies including the office of the National Security Advisors will prepare Standard Operating Procedures that will help frame the purpose of using these funds. The National Security Council of the government of Afghanistan will endorse these SoPs.