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A Transparent, Efficient, Results-based Budget for the National Goodis the official slogan to reflect government’s aim and commitment to bring necessary reform in the formulation and execution of the national budget.

The Directorate General Budget (DGB) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) organised two events on budgetary issues for the media and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The first one was an introductory course on Afghan national budget process titled Eye on Public Spendingfor Afghan journalists. It was held on 19 March 2012 at Hotel Kabul Star.

The secondwas an interactive workshop titledTalking Budget I, for CSOs. It was held on 9 April 2012 at the MOF. This event was followed by a press-meet during which the budget planner for 1392 was launched. The planner highlights fourteen key dates of the budget process.


The overall objectives of these events were to 1)enhance participants’ understanding of the different steps of the ‘making of Afghan budget’ (formulation, hearings, presentation to the cabinet, approval, and execution), 2) explain the role of different stakeholders, and 3) involve important actors of the Afghan society in the preparation of the national budget.

The events commenced with welcome remarks from the Director General of DGB, Mr. Ahmed JavidJalali, who highlighted the importance of such an initiatives. Other DGB officials, along with external speakers from media and civil society made presentations on various topics relating to the budget process and the reforms that MOF has been implementing. A considerable amount of time was dedicated for discussions where the attendees participated keenly.

Over 40 participants – 19 reporters in the course for media and 21 members of civil society in workshop for CSOs – attended these two events. Representation from the civil society was from organisations such as, ACSFo, ACBAR, AHDS, ADA, EPD/ACTA, ANCB, ACRU, APWO, CSHRN, CSDC and OSA.

While Honourable Minister of Finance Dr Omar Zakhilwal attended the event for journalists and distributed Certificates of Participation, Deputy Minister for Finance Dr Mustafa Mastoor attended the workshop for CSOs and launched the budget planner.

Theseevents were first of its kind in Afghanistan and are considered a milestone for the Ministry in its commitment towards transparency and accountability of public finances.

Participants provided positive and encouraging feedback and made it clear that they would welcome more of such events in the future.

MOF will hold, Talking Budget II, a follow up workshop in June 2012,to be led by CSOs where they will give their views to DGB on the budget process and it’s composition. Additionally, MOF plans to conduct a series of courses for the media on various budgetary issues in coming years.


Talking Budget Workshop Presentation for Civil Society :
Eye On Public  Spending Presentation